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New Chibi Blossom by 14ladybuggirl New Chibi Blossom :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 8 0 Thanks for the +15,000 pageviews! by 14ladybuggirl
Mature content
Thanks for the +15,000 pageviews! :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 4 1
First time Sillimanite Fusion with Choco. Diamo by 14ladybuggirl First time Sillimanite Fusion with Choco. Diamo :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 8 0
Steven Universe Gemsona Profile Sillimanite

I am adding onto Sillimanite powers. I will probably add onto Sillimanite from time to time as I am making the gems who make up Sillimanite.
I have decided to make my own Steven universe character because I love the show! Just to warn you the viewers I do have the version of this gem oc when she was first fused and her height compared to a normal diamond.
 General Info
 Name: Sillimanite
 Gem Name(s): Big Momma
 Gender: gem?
 Age: over
 Gem Years: over 500,000 years
 Height: The same as a normal diamond
 Alliance: (Crystal Gems/Earth? Yellow Diamond? Other or Custom): She protects the earth but has never met the crystal gems until the rebellion
 Weapon(s): that’s a secret.
 Appearance: above. But she has a second mouth hidden under her chin. She can move her lips but the second mouth is for either breathing out ice or to eat food.
 Build/OC Body Type: above. But mostly lik
:icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 6 0
Marvel oc Cheshire profile

Name: Bellamy Lane
 Nickname(s): Psycho Cheshire, Gem
 Age: 24
 Gender: female
 Birthday: September 25
 Race: Native American and British, hints of Canadian
 Species: From DNA test, mostly feline with hints of wolverine
 Accent: Has a British accent
 Sexual orientation: Bisexual
 Height: 5’9 ft.
 Weight: 156 lbs.
OC's Appearance
 Skin Color(s): a light brown
 Hair: Pink and purple but a different color when she disguises herself
 Hairstyles: usually long and down
 Eye Color(s): yellow
 Unique Feature(s): has lines around her face that kinda like claw marks
OC's Clothing Style
 Gym: basketball shorts and a tank top
 Swimwear: black bikini
 Fancy: cocktail dark purple
 Pajamas: underwear and a big t-shirt
 Normal: High top. ( I think that is what they are called but I shall post a picture of her normal outfit.) loose jea
:icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 4 0
Super Hero Nikki Disguise by 14ladybuggirl Super Hero Nikki Disguise :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 7 0 Super Hero Nikki by 14ladybuggirl Super Hero Nikki :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 7 0 Viktor and Eithan meets Em and Otsuru by 14ladybuggirl Viktor and Eithan meets Em and Otsuru :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 7 0 merry Christmas to Toto Ahao'i from Nikki by 14ladybuggirl
Mature content
merry Christmas to Toto Ahao'i from Nikki :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 6 0
Nikki Fight Redone by 14ladybuggirl Nikki Fight Redone :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 5 0 Day at the Beach with Batty and Rumi by 14ladybuggirl
Mature content
Day at the Beach with Batty and Rumi :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 4 1
Realistic version of Pink Diamond by 14ladybuggirl Realistic version of Pink Diamond :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 4 0 Day at the beach with some ocs by 14ladybuggirl Day at the beach with some ocs :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 5 2 Halloween chibi: Sandra by 14ladybuggirl Halloween chibi: Sandra :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 4 0 Halloween chibi girl version 3 by 14ladybuggirl Halloween chibi girl version 3 :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 6 0 Happy Halloween month Mikorosu version by 14ladybuggirl Happy Halloween month Mikorosu version :icon14ladybuggirl:14ladybuggirl 3 0


Pucca: TONT Page 31 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 31 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 789 113 Gamora Sitting by theperfectbromance
Mature content
Gamora Sitting :icontheperfectbromance:theperfectbromance 20 11
ON THORS NEW LOOK by theperfectbromance ON THORS NEW LOOK :icontheperfectbromance:theperfectbromance 15 6 Pucca: TONT Page 30 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 30 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 631 46
Captain of Division 4, Hagire Gori
Division 4
Name: Hagire Gori
Alias:  Dr. feel-good,
True Age: 750
Visual Age: 39
Sex: male
Family status: Divorced
Momiji Hayabusa (daughter)
Miyako Hayabusa (ex-wife)
Tōko Gori ( sister)
Race: Shinigami
Nationality: Japanese
Squad:  division 4
Former Squad/s:  
Rank:  Captain
Partner:  lieutenant Jun Chikuma
Ambition:  to save the lives to all that comes in to his hospital.
Likes:  Flicking the dead, giving rants, Sports, working out, his daughter
Dislikes:  People he finds annoying, his ex-wife,
Hagire is a great physician at   hospital in the division 4 head questers, He is the sarcastic, bitter mentor of many suburbanites in his division. Hagire is sarcastic and bitter and has a quick, cruel wit, normally expressed through frequent and sometimes incredibly long rants. Hagire routinely rants at and belittles incomplete members of his division including and most of all his Lieutenant Jun Chikuma, though his apparently roug
:icondukemarazh180:DukeMarazh180 5 2
The Last Kiss: Goodbye samurai by Filika The Last Kiss: Goodbye samurai :iconfilika:Filika 757 141 Blossom Gets Dragged by PrincessCallyie Blossom Gets Dragged :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 228 52 Sexy Car Wash by PrincessCallyie Sexy Car Wash :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 214 35
Lieutenant of division 11, Okoi Uo
Name: Okoi Uo
Alias:  cherry bomb, Pink panther, world breaker
True Age:  22
Visual Age:  350
Sex: female
Sexual pref.:  heterosexual (bi-curious)
Family status: single
Race: Shinigami
Nationality: Japanese
Squad: division 11
Former Squad/s:  
Rank:  lieutenant
Partner:  Captain Oishi Sanada
Ambition:  to be a captain of division 11 a prove she is stronger than any man
Likes:  fighting, fashion,
Dislikes:  stupid people, commitment,
Okoi is a very short-tempered woman prone to violent outbursts usually brought out by Hikari’s and Em's teasing even if it’s in good fun. She's aggressive to the point in battle she shows little mercy to her enemies, only to those who she considers friends. She has a bad habit of sticking her tongue out while fighting and hate stupid people, though she herself has the occasional dull moment. Okoi has been described as fierce and stubborn in the face of danger and more situations. She
:icondukemarazh180:DukeMarazh180 6 2
Captain of Division 5, Shichigoro Kambei
Division 5
Name: Shichigoro Kambei
Alias: the cold hearted aristocrat, sword of the four beasts,
True Age: 720
Visual Age:  late thirties
Sex: male
Sexual pref: heterosexual
Family status: single
Race: Shinigami
Nationality: Korean
Squad:   division 5
Former Squad/s:  
Rank:  Captain
Partner:  lieutenant Jin Genkaku
Ambition:  to continue the legacy of his family  
Likes:  Japanese cherry blossoms, night-time walks, extreme sports fishing, calligraphy, spicy food, travel
Dislikes:  bananas, sweets, the family curse
As the 25th Head of the Kambei Clan, Shichigoro acts in an aristocratic manner. He always seems serene and apathetic towards other people, even while actually deeply conflicted. He is notably calm, even in battle. He generally acts indifferent, bordering on arrogance, to most situations he is faced with, and rarely views his opponent as being worth his time. Shichigoro is easily offended if his name is not used properl
:icondukemarazh180:DukeMarazh180 5 2
CM: Prinny's Lessons Continue by PrincessCallyie CM: Prinny's Lessons Continue :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 212 30
3rd seat of division 6, Jax Deadwood
Name:  Jax deadwood
Alias: the aussie, Kangū, porn 'stash, jackaroo
True Age:  314
Visual Age: Late twenties
Sex:  male
Sexual pref: heterosexual
Family status: single
Race: Shinigami
Nationality: Australian
Squad: Division 6
Former Squad/s:  
Rank:  3rd seat
Partner:  Lieutenant Toto Anoa'i
Ambition:  protect his sister and living the good life
Likes:  fighting, women, his captain
Dislikes: people that insult his captain,
Jax is violent and fight-loving which has been noted by Toto Anoa'i (who Jax frequently butts heads with) , among others. He is also quite stubborn and cocky at times but like his captain he can be laid-back. Jax prefer to be called Kangū to make things easy for people rather than butcher his name, his general attitude greatly depends on the people around him. In his off time, he often drinks sake in bars (mostly Sio's) and fights. He likes women that are hard to get and impress him. he is very indirect in
:icondukemarazh180:DukeMarazh180 4 0
Gwen the dark enchantress by Kikaigaku Gwen the dark enchantress :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 635 37
Lieutenant of division 8, Kagura Ginza
Name: Kagura Ginza
Alias:  crazy gearhead,
True Age:  late twenties
Visual Age: 182
Sex: female
Sexual pref: Heterosexual
Family status: single
Race: Shinigami
Nationality: Irish
Squad:   division 8
Former Squad/s:  
Rank:  Lieutenant
Partner:  Captain Naji Bundo
Ambition:  To show she is better than her father
Likes:  steampunk, machinery, cars, flavored coffee, sailing, small animals
Dislikes:  people questioning or insulting her work, sad ending, cocky womanizers
Kagura is very open, excitable, very emotional, strong-willed and emphatic person who puts all her heart and effort into the things she does She holds her captain, in high regard and always tries to impress him in any way possible, Enthusiastic about machinery, especially with her work even if she has to ruin her uniform to do so. She is stubborn and straightforward, often calling others out for their weaknesses and delusions. Though she shares this trait with her fat
:icondukemarazh180:DukeMarazh180 5 0
inusan by MMHinman inusan :iconmmhinman:MMHinman 26 2 The Vanguard League by PrincessCallyie The Vanguard League :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 198 24


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14ladybuggirl's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I play the saxophone. I usually play videogames or draw. I love to explore new places.I love comedy shows Like Jeff Dunham. I am a silly woman. I also love Spike off of Buffy the vampire slayer. I love to draw. My favorite actor is James Marsters. I dislike people who bully other people for no reason or for self esteem

Current Residence: United States

Favorite genre of music: Pop, orchestra
Favourite style of art: Pencil, or drawing apps
Skin of choice: Xp
Favorite cartoon character: The Mask and bugs bunny
Personal Quote: Nothing in this world is normal, so be different, be yourself, and stand out.
I am so sorry for not being active for the past three weeks. let me explain all that has been happening. So the first week of may was my finals of my online classes. So I couldn't post anything then. Then the second week of May I was sick for five days with a stomach virus. Then for two days during that week, my computer internet was messed up and then I had to look for jobs for two days straight. Then from Monday to today I have been job searching like crazy because school is almost out for everyone and that means most part time jobs will be taken. So I'm trying to get a part time job and it's hard when you're not qualified for a lot of jobs. But starting tomorrow I will take some time out of my day to draw and/or post new things. I recently found a new app where I can make more characters. So when I post the first character I make from the app and you want to see your oc or some character from tv. Send me a request on Powerpuffgirls request openI am now open to any request for any of the power puff girls and or female rowdy ruff boys but only if they are teenagers or chibi. But if you want the male version then it can be only chibi then. I also do ppg ocs, if you like. Just comment below this journal and tell me what you want. :D or I'm back! New request openingI'm back at college which means I can do drawings and fanfcs again! YAAAAAY! So anyway I'm back and lately I've been watching Steven Universe and I love the show! So  thought maybe I can draw my ocs fused with another one! They would be gems, I just have to research them but if you want to see a certain fusion with my ocs. Let me know or if you want your ocs and mine fused together, don't hesitate to tell me. Just leave a comment below this journal and let me know what you think.. I am still working on characters profiles from Steven universe and bleach. Bleach will still take me a while to finish but I am almost done with my Steven universe. I may even post a fanfiction with my Steven universe ocs. Who knows but again I am so sorry for not being active. Though again I will be starting to post things again tomorrow I will try to draw things as much as possible as will I work my ocs characters profiles. Anyway thank you to all the people who support and like my art work and don't be shy if you want me to draw something for you just leave a comment in this journal or on my page. I love to draw things for people. Especiall when I'm getting artists block.

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